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Alone I have sat.
Consumed by my darkness.
Singing of a death
that has long since passed.
Wondering where it all went wrong.
Why I could only find sadness.
Today I realized the truth.
And I can't believe
that I didn't see this before.
I was listening to the lies of the devil.
Believing what he said.
Thought it to be true.
That I was worthless.
That I didn't deserve forgiveness.
That I didn't belong up there.
That He didn't want me.
They say that
it's the darkest before the dawn.
But when all you know is darkness,
it's hard to see the light.
But now I see.
I see where this path
has taken me,
and where it will take me,
if I follow the lies.
And now it's time
to exorcise the demons in my heart.
It's time to shine the light
where it hasn't been in years.
This is the anthem of my dying day,
and the joyous chorus of a new life.
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December 9, 2012
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